Perfecting the
Art of Rum

At Don Q, we blend art and
science in every bottle.

We delight in the art and science behind making our rums—The careful transformation of sugar cane into a rarified essence. We aim to share our passion for the craft with you.

It is our enduring pursuit to innovate and perfect the process, always preserving the flavor and character that make Don Q the preferred rum in The Land of Rum, Puerto Rico.

Making Don Q Rum

The living process that combines generations of know-how with nature’s transformative power… yielding delicious results.

  • Sugar Cane
    1Sugar Cane

    Sugarcane is crushed, and the juice is boiled in order to extract crystallized sugar. What remains is molasses, the basis for rum.

  • Chart Mollasses

    Molasses retains about 50% of the sugar from the cane juice; this is the basis for the entire rum-making process. We select the finest molasses available to ensure consistent fermentation.

  • Chart Water

    Using the fresh waters that flow from the Río Inabón, we dilute the molasses to prepare it for fermentation.

  • Chart Starter Culture
    4Starter Culture

    The rich aroma of rum is born of a living starter culture—the yeast used to carry out the fermentation process. At Don Q, we have kept our unique strain of yeast alive and in use for over 75 years.

  • Chart Fermentation

    Yeast naturally transforms the sugars in molasses into alcohol, producing other compounds along the way. The tiny organisms act as a one-of-a-kind flavor fingerprint. The specific mixture of elements they activate defines the essential flavor of Don Q Rum.

  • Chart Beer
    6Molasses “Beer”

    Once the yeast has done its work, the resulting liquid is called the “Beer”—basically a molasses “mash” with low alcohol content. This is the starting point for distillation.

  • Chart Distillation

    A delicate science that removes unwanted elements, while maintaining the signature flavor of our recipe. Alcohol is liberated from the “Beer” and condensed into a spirit. Don Q is distilled five times, removing impurities for exquisite aroma, texture, and a pure, clean finish.

  • Chart Barrel Aging
    8Barrel Aging

    All Don Q Rums are aged at least one year in charred American White Oak Barrels to impart flavor and character. The interaction of wood and rum matures and mellows the spirit, as well as endows our Añejo and Gran Añejo varieties with a luxurious golden color.

  • Chart Blending

    Once the rum has been aged, the exacting Art of Blending begins. This is the exclusive domain of our master blender—AKA “The Nose.” Light and dark rums are meticulously combined with Soleras (overproof rums straight from the barrel). Every batch of our rum passes his expert examination before it bears the name Don Q.

  • Chart Filtration

    For Don Q Cristal, aging and blending is followed by charcoal filtration that creates the subtle yet distinctive flavor profile that is the mark of excellent light rum. The pure, light, and delicate character of Don Q Cristal makes it ideal for a wide range of refreshing cocktails, including the world’s finest mojito.

  • Chart Infusion

    For Don Q flavored rums, we use only natural ingredients to infuse them with the truest, brightest, and freshest flavors possible. Fresh mint, fresh key lime, or rich coconut are blended with the rum for a precise duration to achieve balance and complexity. In fact, our flavors each have their own proof—each flavor is best unlocked by a specific proof of rum.

  • Chart Bottling

    All Don Q Rums are bottled on-site at our distillery to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The spirit in each bottle is a testament to the expert care and centuries of know-how that distinguish Don Q and Destilería Serrallés.

What Makes a Great Rum?
Refined Flavor
Quality Img1 Flavor

Aged in oak barrels

For light rum, subtle hints of oak and floral aromatics with only a hint of brown sugar is a sought-after flavor profile. For darker, aged rums, rich complexity is the goal, with vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel flavors standing out over hints of oak, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Distinctive Character
Quality Img2 Character


A fine rum should be singular unto itself, revealing its origins through its flavors. Its birthplace in molasses should be evident, but not overpowering. One should immediately recognize the aroma as that of rum, and not just any spirit.

Unquestionable Purity
Quality Img3 Purity

Example of a pure rum

Fine rum must be distilled with supreme attention to detail. Like a master carver at a wood block, the distiller must carefully remove extraneous materials to reveal the inner beauty of the spirit. The aroma of inferior rums can be harsh or unpleasant due to rushed, often large-volume production, which does not take care to remove undesirable impurities.

True Infusion
Quality Img4 Infusion

Mint leaves

In flavored rums, bright, fresh infused flavors are key, as well as a balance that keeps the flavor of the rum working in harmony with the flavor of the infusion. The finest flavored rums are carefully blended with select natural ingredients, and do not rely on artificial flavoring.


Crafting fantastic rum is a reward in itself, but it’s always nice when the experts agree. Check out all the hardware Don Q has been collecting.

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