Grapefruit Chili Mojito
  • 2oz Don Q Gold rum
  • 1oz Lime juice
  • 1bunch Mintreserve 1 sprig for garnish
  • 3 Fresh grapefruit wedges
  • 1tbsp Granulated sugar
  • ½oz Chili pepper syrup*
  • 1splash Sparkling rosé brut
  1. Muddle grapefruit wedges, grapefruit juice, sugar, and spicy syrup in a highball glass. Slap mint between your hands and add o glass. Add rum, orange liqueur and ice. Top it with sparkling rosé. Garnish with mint sprig.
  2. *To make chili pepper syrup, dissolve 16 oz. granulated sugar in 8 oz. hot water. Add one whole Serrano pepper, let chill in refrigerator overnight.