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Tasting Panel

October 2016

Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel, 2005 rum is assuredly what aficionados are seeking in a world-class rum.

The Wall Street Journal

September 2016

Sorrel is a drink usually made during the holiday season, but recently I made it in the heat of summer because it is one of the best ways to drink rum.

Common Man Cocktails

August 2016

You don’t need a bourbon to get a white oak, vanilla, aged product with the rum profile, Don Q brings it in their 2005 Signature Release Single Barrel selection.

Edge Media Network

August 2016

Rum cocktails are great for Summer, including a delicious Bahama Mama recipe made with Don Q Rum.

Robb Vices

July 2016

When Daniel Curtis, founder of Robb Vices, needed a rum to include in one of their boxes, he knew the best choice was Don Q.

Beverage Experts

June 2016

Learn about the history and the future of Destilería Serrallés and see what it’s like to spend the day touring the distillery.

American Cocktails

June 2016

There may not be a better illustration of the magic of high proof rums than Don Q 151° Proof Puerto Rican Rum.


June 2016

The bartenders at The Trick are some of the most creative in the business, so it’s no surprise that their leather and lace cocktail has an interesting story.

Spirit Journal

June 2016

Don Q’s Signature Release Single Barrel, 2005 Rum is elegant and highly sophisticated.

Tasting Panel

June 2016

Don Q the company bears a lot of similarities to Don Q the rum: aged, elegant and classic.

The Intoxicologist

May 2016

Cheri Loughlin, author of The Intoxicologist, talks about Don Q’s new Signature Release Single Barrel, 2005 rum.


May 2016

Consumers are coming around to the unique characteristics of light rum. The spirit is gaining interest from both consumers and mixologists and has a bright future both on and off-premise.

Market Watch

May 2016

In April, Serrallés USA unveiled the first Single Barrel offering from its Don Q rum brand.

Good Spirit News

April 2016

Don Q Single Barrel 2005 is a ten-year-old aged rum bottled from single barrel stock.


April 2016

Destilería Serrallés, producer of Don Q Rum in Puerto Rico, has just launched its latest expression: a vintage rum that was distilled in 2005 and spent 10 years in barrel.


February 2016

Great Don Q Rum recipe to impress the guests at your Super Bowl party.

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