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You may be a Man About Town, a Font of Knowledge, or a Jack-of-All-Trades—but do you have what it takes to be a Master of All Skills?

Don Q has teamed up with some of the smartest websites in the world to create unique challenges in nine different categories.

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    Are you the Master of All Skills?

    Your friend thinks you might be. Prove you're the Master of All Skills and compete for a trip to Puerto Rico to experience the art of rum-making first-hand. Along the way, you could also earn a legendary party for 25 of your closest friends, courtesy of Don Q. Good Luck!



Well Drinks

Like every great cocktail, the road to mixology super stardom begins with some basic elements. Successfully beat this quiz and you’re on your way to becoming the Master of All Skills: Mixology.

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  • 01

    Which of these is bar tools is a jigger?

  • 02

    What are the ingredients in simple syrup?

  • 03

    What measurement is the standard for "one shot" of spirits?

  • 04

    When is it necessary to shake a cocktail?

  • 05

    Which liquids should never be shaken?

  • 06

    Approximately how much juice comes from one typical lime?

  • 07

    Which of these is NOT a cocktail garnish?

  • 08

    Which two ingredients do NOT mix well?

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