Better make sure your thinking cap has a chin-strap. Test your mental fortitude with this series of challenges. Complete them all and prove you’re the Master Of All Skills.

Are you ready to become the Master?

How It Works

You may be a Man About Town, a Font of Knowledge, or a Jack-of-All-Trades—but do you have what it takes to be a Master of All Skills?

Don Q has teamed up with some of the smartest websites in the world to create unique challenges in nine different categories.

Complete each category for a unique badge to share on Facebook. Master all ten and you’ll be a Master of All Skills.

Are you ready to become the Master? Let's begin.

Master of All Skills


    The Art of Rum Badge

    The Art of Rum | Don Q

    Your knowledge is diverse, your skills are impressive. But now you're on Don Q's turf.



    Complete each quiz to earn a unique badge you can share on Facebook.

  • A Timeless Craft

    Don Q's master distillers have spent years accumulating the knowledge to craft the finest rum. Prove your skills with this final quiz and you'll truly be a Master of All Skills.